Long Term Storage Fees Tips

Tomorrow (August 15th 2019) long term storage fees will quick in for any products that have been in an Amazon warehouse for 365 days or more and they’re not cheap. In the UK the fees are £4.30 per cubic foot (with a minimum charge of 10p per item).

In the past I’ve always avoided LTS Fees by automatically getting items returned before LTSF kicks in. However I’ve been trying to run down my inventory some what so thought it was worth looking at what my fees were going to be and if it was worth me sucking up the LTSFs and leaving the inventory in an Amazon warehouse ready for Q4.

The easiest way I’ve found to find your items that will incur LTS fees is to download the FBA Inventory Age Report as a CSV. Then upload this to Google Sheets and do the following:

  • Click ‘View -> Freeze -> 1 Row’ this means the column headers are always visible
  • I’m only interested in co.uk at this point so I select the entire sheet and do “Data -> Sort Range -> Sort by ‘Column B’” This sorts the spreadsheet so amazon.co.uk are the first rows. I then delete all rows that are not co.uk (you can also do this by filtering).
  • To find the items that will be hit by LTSF, I filter out all items whose inventory age is not 365+. To do this: “Data -> Create Filter -> In the heading for column N (inv-age-365-plus-days) and deselect the zero”

You now have a sheet that shows all your products that are subject to LTSF.

If you go to the end of the sheet and scroll to column ’N’, you can enter the equation =SUM(N1:N???) (where ??? Is the row number above the row that you’re on). This will give you a count of the number of items.

To get the amount that you will be charged you need to do a bit more. Select the entire sheet again and do “Edit -> Find and Replace ->  ‘Find: GBP ‘ and Replace with an empty string”, what this does is removes the GBP so we just have a number that we can do equations on. If you copy the Sum equation you put in the last row of column N to the last row of column S you will now have an estimate of what your long term storage fees will be.

I did this and it turns out I have 439 units that will incur fees of  £208.07, which is a lot less than I was expecting (I have been better at repricing this year, especially any over size items). If I got all these items removed the removal cost would be 439 * 0.60 – £263. So I’m going to deactivate automatic removals, do a bit of manual removing of stuff that will never sell and hold onto the rest for Q4. Removal costs are being reduced (in October I think) so I can always remove stuff then.

Any questions let me know.

Free Tools for Amazon Sellers

The is a many tools available to help Amazon sellers, many of which you need to pay for. However there are a fair few free ones too. Here we share some of the ones that we use. If you know of anymore please let us know in the our Faceboook Group or the comments below (we will add to this list as new free tools are discovered).

Free Analysis Tools

Probably the best and most used free tool for all Amazon sellers. Keepa displays millions of products sales and price history on all the Amazon marketplaces.

Another tool that tracks historic prices on Amazon, CamelCamelCamel. Not sure where that name came from.

Google offer a wealth of free tools. Google Trends can be used to see what is currently trending.

Fulfilment by Amazon Revenue Calculator (Beta)
This free tool by Amazon calculates and shows you the fees and profits when you sell any of their products. It’s available for all marketplaces: co.uk, .com and the other AZ marketplaces.

You can using Google Ads to research keywords and their popularity.

Free Finance Tools and Services

If you’re doing OA you need to be using cashback to mazimise your profits. TopCashback is currently the best one out there, for number of merchants and percentage return. Signup here.

Another cashback site is Quidco. They generally have a  lower rate than TCB but when they have an exclusive they can be very good. Signup here.

Transferwise is a free international bank account that gives you a much better exchange rate than Amazon. This can save sellers £x,xxx’s when doing exchanges.

Zeek is a service where you can buy (and sell) gift cards at a discounted price. So you can effectively get extra savings. When combined with a cash back site you can get consecutive discounts. Signup page.

Miscellaneous Free Tools and Services

The whole Google Office suite is an essential free tool. Google Sheets is especially useful for Amazon sellers.

Online Arbitrage Deals (The Tool) Review

We originally wrote this review in October 2018, since then the OAD tool has seen many changes so please bear that in mind. We will update this review when time allows.

What is it

Online Arbitrage Deals is a new tool/service by Karen Hutson of BookableVA. Originally BookableVA sold sourcing lists of viable products, they have now replaced these lists with the Online Arbitrage Deals tool. As the name suggests its a tool for finding OA deals.

How it Works

The tool works by feeding you deals throughout the working week. The number of leads you get is dependant on your subscription (there are three different levels). When a new a deal is available for you the browser pings (you can turn this off in Chrome by going to the sites settings) and the deal is automatically loaded at the top of the page and they look like this:

The layout is clean and it puts a lot of valuable information to help you make an informed buying decision. Most sourcing sheets will display the product, fees BSR, ROI, profit etc. The great thing about this tool is it displays more information like number of sellers and the Sales Rank and New Price graph from Keepa. I would it find it useful if it displayed a bit more info (breakdown of fees, 90 day average BSR, breakeven price). Currently it doesn’t say anything about VAT. If you’re not VAT registered you’ll need to add VAT to the fees and if you are VAT registered then you need to take that into account with your profit calculation. In the future it will be getting integrated with BuyBotPro (review coming shortly) which will provide a lot more useful data but that is another subscription cost. Continue reading “Online Arbitrage Deals (The Tool) Review”

Seller Tools Reviews – Coming Soon

We are busy working on the site.

The aim of Seller Tools Reviews is to provide honest and unbiased reviews of the various tools and services available to Amazon sellers.
There are a bewildering variety and quantity of tools and devices  available. Some of which are suitable for different budgets, skill sets and Amazon business models. We aim to help our readers to find the tools that are right for them at whatever stage of their Amazon business journey they are at.