Online Arbitrage Deals (The Tool) Review

We originally wrote this review in October 2018, since then the OAD tool has seen many changes so please bear that in mind. We will update this review when time allows.

What is it

Online Arbitrage Deals is a new tool/service by Karen Hutson of BookableVA. Originally BookableVA sold sourcing lists of viable products, they have now replaced these lists with the Online Arbitrage Deals tool. As the name suggests its a tool for finding OA deals.

How it Works

The tool works by feeding you deals throughout the working week. The number of leads you get is dependant on your subscription (there are three different levels). When a new a deal is available for you the browser pings (you can turn this off in Chrome by going to the sites settings) and the deal is automatically loaded at the top of the page and they look like this:

The layout is clean and it puts a lot of valuable information to help you make an informed buying decision. Most sourcing sheets will display the product, fees BSR, ROI, profit etc. The great thing about this tool is it displays more information like number of sellers and the Sales Rank and New Price graph from Keepa. I would it find it useful if it displayed a bit more info (breakdown of fees, 90 day average BSR, breakeven price). Currently it doesn’t say anything about VAT. If you’re not VAT registered you’ll need to add VAT to the fees and if you are VAT registered then you need to take that into account with your profit calculation. In the future it will be getting integrated with BuyBotPro (review coming shortly) which will provide a lot more useful data but that is another subscription cost. Continue reading “Online Arbitrage Deals (The Tool) Review”